Bloggy friends!

Rejoice with me!  My life just got easier. 😀

I now share with you the rag curl method that will make Regency Ball preparation fast and painless! (Um, painless for me.  That’s what counts. 😛 )


Tear (or cut, if you feel civilized) a sheet into strips twice as long as the hair you want to curl.  The Chicklette has ridiculously long hair, so my pieces were.. ridiculously long.

Divide the hair into five or six big sections.  Brush, smooth, and spray each section as you go with a little styling lotion.  No need to wet all over.  Leave enough rag out to allow you to tie it off when you  finish winding, and ask someone to hold it firmly in place.  You can see I have borrowed the hand of the Miss 13 to hold the rag in place for me.

Wind the hair smoothly around the rag. By not overlapping the hair on itself, it will dry faster and produce an even curl.

Wind all the way to the end.  Smoothing the hair around the rag (you don’t want the very last bit crinkly!) flip the end of your rag back around the part you have just been winding, and commence winding the rag around the hair.

Keep going all the way to the top.  This gives you the two ends to tie together, and the rag wound back around the hair stops it getting all ruffled while your poor petal sleeps in it.

When you get back to the top, tie the two ends.  You don’t have to tie it in a bow, I just couldn’t resist. 😀  Because… how cute is this?!

Leave in over night.  When you take them out, unwind carefully.  You can separate each curl into two for a “more curls” look. If you attempt that and get a big, foofy, fuzzy disaster, don’t panic.  Brush the end of the particularly disastrous curl, and then wind it around your finger, encouraging it back in the direction it was wound the first time, and it will behave nicely.  A little Anti-frizz serum or ends shine, or similar product, will help, but don’t over do it or your curl will soften too much.

This method doesn’t curl right to the roots of the hair, which is easier if you’re going for an upstyle – hooray!  We weren’t as this was only for experimental purposes,  so I added a bow.  High is cute for little people, low is more suitable for older girls.

And that’s it folks.  Toooooo easy!