Today, Richard (a British chef with a funny little accent and a very big dream), and Yousei (an American poet/writer of my more recent acquaintance, who no doubt has her own funny accent 😉 ) have been kind enough to include me in an award.  Jillian (an Aussie homeschooler sharing snippets of her country  life with us), has also been kind enough to present an award  in the past, for which I have only responded with a thank you.

I don’t have a blog roll, and don’t do awards… but in recognition of the value of my blogging friends, here are some of the spots I visit, and I ask that  you all accept, rather than the passing of an award, my heartfelt thanks for the contribution you make to my housework being neglected making my time on line encouraging, funny, instructive, beautiful, inspiring or challenging, as fits each individual.

My “in real life” blogging friends:

Amy , with a gentle writing style and subtle humour,  shares her wisdom and experiences of homeschooling her three girls.  Not the least of her virtues is that she is the mother of the everlastingly delightful, effervescent… Meggie

Fivepeasinapod, owner of a certain famous pink truck, makes me think, laugh, and be accountable.  Which is a lot of doing, for such a little girl!

Susan, the woman who needed me to stop stirring up the good folk over at the AHS forum was the one who encouraged me to start blogging, is a techie guru, as patient as the day is long, and shares many great resources for parents on her blog. She is also one of the few souls I know, who is as concise as I.  (Laughing, but sorry, dear heart! 😉 )

PearlsofTruth, I’m leaving a space for a link, for when she stops tormenting us, oops, I mean, for when she finally gets on with it, um, no, I mean, for when she gets her new blog up and running 😀 😀  (C’mon girl!  Get a move on! 😛 )

Other souls I just plain like: (though all apologies to those who blog on blogger, for my less than frequent comments.  It’s a greater trial to comment there, and I don’t have the comments or posts come up on my reader as I do with wordpress friends. You are no less valued… just a little neglected in that regard!)

Ruby is interesting!  Not “interesting” in the way where you can’t think of something to say when trying a friend’s new recipe, but interesting in that I am not usually a big fan of girly blogs, but Ruby has some great stories. 🙂

Jeanne, has a razor wit.  It doesn’t much matter what she’s writing about, it’s her style I like.

Fee is cute, generous, funny, and she’s kind to me.  What else do you need in a blogging buddy? 😛

Dandelionmom was my very first blog friend, who introduced me to grits and cracker jacks, other strange, foreign goodies, including Mary, and the hilarious OW.

Photo bloggers on my reader: (all of whom have very generously helped me in my adventures with my camera)

thedailyclick , just as the name says, a daily dose of good photography.

Burstmode, has some amazing flower shots, (but the accompanying commentary is not always G rated 😯 ).

Wildblack, is loads of fun, and a great photographer who shares his knowledge freely.

Amber has images of all things beautiful.  A very pretty blog 🙂

Last, but not least…

A favourite daily haunt is Mute.  The cats whiskers of photography,  Miles’  lack of chat is made up for by his so often amazing images.

Friends, thank you.