Hello, Bloggy friends!

My garden grew. 😀

Here is December 5th, 2011.

Here is January 1st, 2012.

This week, we have been eating our corn.  We couldn’t help all feeling a little surprised that we planted corn, and … well, that it worked. 😀

Some of the other things, (see those lush looking Chinese cabbages?) didn’t work so well.  They grew, of course, but (shhh… it was very un-homeschooler-ish of me not to research properly!) it was the wrong time of year for them.  Being far too wet and hot, they looked scrumptious on the outside, but were rotting on the inside.  Completely unlovely of them. I’ve gone right off Chinese cabbages.

I was mildly concerned about my gardening.  Once, I thought I wanted to be a farmer.  Then I spent quite a bit of time on a farm.  😉

Would the idea of growing my produce be more appealing than the reality?  I have been known to get a lot more excited about the planning of something than the eventuality.

The garden has, despite my inexperience resulting in a few disasters, been a deeply satisfying, somewhat addictive project.  Today the Chicklette and I have discussed what to pull up and discard (capsicums are very prone to pests.  Currently we are growing them only to feed the bugs!) and what we should plant instead.

We’re thinking a LOT of snow peas: everyone adores to eat them straight from the bush. And sliverbeet. And pumpkin.  Have you tried homegrown pumpkin?  It is not only enormously flavoursome, but easy to cut.

But of course this time we will check that those things are in season to grow, and not assume that just because the nursery is selling seedlings, it must the right time for them.

Bloggy friends, if you don’t have a veggie garden, you should experiment.  There are many things you can grow in pots if you want to start small. It’s fun. Honest!  You should try. 😀