People who don’t homeschool have always assumed that I wouldn’t dare homeschool for highschool.  Surely not!?

I dare.

What’s more, for those of you not there yet, be assured it is a very natural extension of schooling the primary grades, and my excess of panic about covering everything was all for nought.

My conflict has always been how to do all the things we had to do, yet still have time for the things that first influenced me to choose homeschooling – abundant time for music, art, reading, and a long list of things I consider no childhood is complete without.

It is ridiculously easy to make up the amount of credits required to complete senior, if that is your goal.  So ridiculously easy, in fact, that if I gave the Chicklette the same workload she has had for the previous three years of highschool, she would have nothing to do next year.

Joy!  We have time in the next two years to do some of the  delicious, “not required by the education board” type things.

The year 11 schedule (unless I change my mind again!) includes…

Economics in One Lesson, by Henry Hazlitt.

(Read a chapter per sitting, take note of important points, attend weekly meeting with local businessman {her Da!} to discuss how world view and political persuasion effect our view of economic policy.)

With follow-up resources from Homeschool Economics if there is further interest in the subject.

Subscription to the following:

Australian Conservative

(Read, summarise, narrate!)

Salt Shakers newsletter – A little introduction to political activism.

 SAT question a day: This is just plain fun.  (Honest! You should try it.  There is even an iPhone app 😀 )

Maths – Algebra II, using ACE paces.

Science – Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Physics.  We haven’t used this curriculum before, but if it proves worthy, will follow it with the Chemistry book next year.  If it is not clear and well written, there is a wealth of teaching available at Khan Academy that we may use as a back up.

English – Participation in nanowrimo;  regular, on-demand, timed essays using SAT prompts (available prolifically online); our general reading schedule continued, peppered with some thought-provoking novels introduced for discussion.

Latin – Henle.  After Prima Latina, Latina Christian I, and Latina Christiana II, it’s on to Henle.  She didn’t look excited. It’s only a year.  She’ll live.

Logic – After Traditional Logic I with Martin Cothran, it surely makes sense to do Traditional Logic II, Advanced Formal Logic?  This elicited nothing but groans from the Chicklette.  Sigh.  No sense of adventure!  (Perhaps I will soften on that one.. have to wait and see… )

Music – Aim to finish AMEB grade six exams by the end of next year.

Art – Continuing our Art in the Park activities, with the difference that I will be requiring the Chicklette to complete the lesson before hand and facilitate the class on a regular basis, thus providing her with opportunity to  hone her public speaking skills, her time management skills, and her confidence leading a group.

Once a week she’s off to work in the office with her Da.  It’s been a practice for her to tag along for a couple of years now and make herself useful after she’s finished her school work.  Somehow, though, now that she looks old enough to go, it’s hard to watch her leave.  Childhood is fleeting!

And that’s it, folks.

Unless I change my mind.


Hope your year is off to a great start.  If you’re feeling that you haven’t quite recovered from last year and the holiday festivities, and if school looks overwhelming and undo-able, and the thought of another year of it makes you shudder…. read!  Start school a few days late and read a stirring read aloud to the children (one you like, or you’ll never see it through!), or read a bunch of inspiring homeschool articles on-line, or dust off those Above Rubies mags… 😀

Anything to remind yourself why you are sitting home chanting the times tables with your dear children while your peers are out sipping lattes and taking yoga classes.

You can do it! ♥

p.s. If none of that helps, and you still feel like hiding in bed with a bit of fluffy chick lit and a bag of baci kisses, then take heart: homeschooling can’t last forever. xx