Bloggy friends..  I have many things to tell you!


Does anyone recall (ahem!) me mentioning in a previous post that I have the best bloggy friends in the world?  You may…. vaguely asserting such a thing?


It’s true! 😀


Last week I had the enchanting, amusing, charming experience of meeting Mr Richard Stevens. Richard is associated with the dainty Rustique Rose tea room at Laidley, the scene of one of our adventures last year.

What’s so special about Mr Stevens?  Well!  Apart from the pleasure of listening to his well modulated voice, (though we couldn’t convince him to sing for us!), and apart from his wit and sparkling conversation, Mr Stevens came bearing gifts.

The image above is from an autograph book of  a young lady attending teachers college in (British colonised) India in the early 1900’s, and was one of the treasures Mr Stevens has left in my charge.  Among other things was a scrapbook of collected “pretty” things – poems, cards, pictures etc.

But by far the most exciting discovery for me was the following pages..






The first time I read about the funeral for the “Unknown Soldier”, I cried.  I, generally something of a stoic, wept at the thought of the collective pain of the families whose menfolk were left on foreign fields, but more so at the astounding beauty and mercy of the idea of a state funeral that could be, for each person attending,  in honour of their lost.


Imagine my wonder at finding newspaper clippings on just that very subject among the collections of  fancy dress plates and society pictures the young lady had pasted into her book.  My very own source of primary history on a subject dear to my heart!


And because all the joyful happenings of my life seem to come in bundles, just a day later I met with another bloggy friend, who also came bearing gifts!


Super Secret Agent Chicken Little (alias, Heidi:  some of you may remember Heidi? 😀 ) came with her family to visit ours!  After staying at her house, swapping all sorts of interesting things through the mail, and having her as part of my blogging community for some years, I can finally report that she is real.  Yes, folks, Heidi is no longer an invisible friend.  😉

And in a conspiracy that only girls with pluck would attempt, we managed to surprise Mr BB and the Chicklettes with … four chickens! 😀   Have I mentioned Mr BB likes surprises?  He (cough!) certainly looked surprised.

I really like chickens. 😀


Here’s one being adored by Miss 9.


It’s a joyful business meeting up with special people.

I am very blessed!