Hello Sweetest Bloggy friends in the world!

I hope everyone is surviving end of year activities?

Yesterday I received notice that a certain visitor has found, and I quote, ” just the same tired looking Scotsmen…” each time she checks in.  (When did my blogging audience get so saucy?!?)

So here it is, the post I threatened you with .. oh.. ages ago, on my gardening experiments, with an update on other happenings.

As we are built on rock with just a lick of topsoil, we opted to try a no-dig garden.  It is a lasagne of hay and manure, with topsoil or compost as the final layer.  And because I like to do things just so, (the “so” part being exactly how the instructions read!) what actually happened in my yard caused me just a little concern.

Mr BB did the blokey construction part, so I can’t tell you too much about that.  It’s railway sleepers stuck together man style – lots of bolts and pieces of metal and such. Very sturdy.  Cyclone proof, I don’t doubt. Because while I like to do things just so, Mr BB likes to do things thoroughly.  😛

A thick layer of newspaper goes down first to suppress the weeds.  We didn’t have nearly enough newspapers, so cardboard was the next option.  It needs to overlap so there are no gaps for pesky weeds to sneak though.

Each layer must to be watered before the next is applied.  Of course, if you have very young helpers, you need to make it abundantly clear that they have to wait for their siblings to complete the layer and exit the garden before the watering starts.  I forgot to make that clear to Blossy.

Here is where my garden deviates from the recipe.  Instead of having layers of hay and manure, mine was a jumbled mixture.  The farmer offered to bring in loads of old hay and manure mixed together.  Old is good.  And I have to tell myself that it would eventually have mixed anyway. I guess. .. .. (It would, wouldn’t it?)

There are no pics of that stage – it was all shovelling from the ute by flood lights, in the dark and rain, and it was no time for photos!

Mrs Fivepeas generously shared some of her heritage seeds with us, the farmers shared seed with us, and we browsed the local nursery.  If you are thinking of gardening, check out the  heritage seed site  – too, too much to choose from!

Hopefully in a few months I will be sharing fresh produce and homemade pesto with my sweet friends who have so generously shared their bounty with me this year!

On other happenings..

Remember the Chicklette’s list?

We’ve been canoeing with friends. We’ve baked pecan pie.  We’ve been to a ball, and there is another coming up just after Christmas.

I’m ticking off the veggie garden, and the next few weeks will see the BB household hit the tents for a camping escape.
Um.. yay?
There’s nothing like camping in the wet season.  Not that it will be a shock, considering, because just about every camping adventure has been wet, wet, wet!  (Still grateful to my dear friend for giving us a meal and a dry reprieve during our 10 day-camp-through-a-cyclone holiday at the rock pools…)
Think of me friends, when you are dry, air-conditioned, and ..dry. 😛
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!