Hello Bloggy friends,

It will not help you become a domestic goddess, and the pics don’t even register on the cute ‘n fluffy scale.  BUT!  If you make a deadly move in Words With Friends, you can record it for posterity. 😀

See the round button with the square in the middle?  The one that allows you to exit an app?  You need to press it simultaneously with the power button on the top of your phone.

There will be a bit of a flash, an I’m-taking-a-photo type sound, and….. Voila!  You’ve taken a screen shot.

Exit your app, head into “Photos”, and there it will be, waiting patiently for you in your camera roll.  If you want to send it to someone, press the arrow coming out of a box in the extreme lower left hand corner of your screen.  It will bring up options to email or mms or use as wall paper on your phone…

Go, bloggy friends!  Record all the important happenings on your iPhone with joy. 😀