At least, it could have been an echidna.

Remember some time back my assertion that I have the best bloggy friends in the world?  Ah huh.  I do.

BUT, some of your number are as cheeky as monkeys.  You may remember Heidi?  (Are we there yet? 😀 )  She sent me a parcel in the mail.  Now, folks, I love to get parcels in the mail.  And Heidi knows that: yes, she does.

So to add to the enjoyment, that dear friend told me only that something was coming, then dribbled information by the nanometer.  Cheeky, yes?

I was told that my “something” weighs three kilos, and has hundreds of hard, pointy bits.  It had to be an echidna.  I won’t even mention the concerns of  my sweet bloggy friend, who, on confirming my sagacious guess, worried if my soon-to-be-homeschooled echidna would be socialized enough?  (Saucy baggage!!)

Would you, in a million years, have guessed that my “something” that weighs three kilos and has hundreds of hard, pointy bits, was a huge post pack brimming with straight-off-the-tree pecan nuts sent for the Chicklette’s pecan pie! 😀

Bloggy friends – sweet, funny, thoughtful and resourceful.   (And  cheeky 😛 )