The biggest second hand book fair in the universe is on tomorrow, and I’m planning to go. 😀

If you’re a novice book fair attendee, here’s some things to remember:

  • Take gloves.  ‘Cause, whoa!  those books are dirty!
  • Take wipes.  (See point above 😛 )
  • A granny trolley; you need a granny trolley.  They hire out shopping trolleys there if you care to leave your license, but actually, what you really need is one of those things they wheel around hospitals to collect the linen in.  But a granny trolley will do.  I’m taking my red tartan one, which brings me to my next point:
  • Docs.  If you own Dr Martens,now’s the time to pull them out.  Or wear joggers.  Or Birkies.  Just wear something very comfy on your feet.
  • Allow lots of time.  One day isn’t sufficient to browse the entire display, but if you don’t waste time eating, drinking, and talking to the people you meet who love reading as much as you do,  you will still have time to find a passel of treasures.
  • Go with a friend, or someone who remembers what you already own and have read.


If you are bookfesting tomorrow, friends, may all your trolleys overflow with good and wholesome things!