Hello Bloggy friends!


Happy 2011 😀


I hope you all have had a restful time over the break ( though holidays are not so conducive to rest, are they?)  We generally school straight through this time of year, but so far we’ve been.. too busy!

We enjoyed  a farm stay on the Clarence River.  It was great, despite flooding and window-licking cows, and is definitely somewhere I would go again.

It was full of pretty places,


and did I mention… cows?



We battled home through flooded roads, landslides, and traffic backed up for miles – an adventure I’m not in a hurry to repeat.

I know it’s blurry, but after nine hours in the car – and then only being half way home – my brain was blurry, too.

We made it through in time to  attended our first ever Regency Ball.  It was a LOT of fun!  (But more on that later… 😉 )




This morning our first ever Wanderer/Monarch butterfly emerged.  The three previous had all been stung, so we were extra pleased to see this one survive.

In a short while one of my dear internet friends and two of her children are coming to stay at the Bluestocking abode, and we are all looking forward to that event.  It’s an especial bonus that there is an entomology student in their number!  😀


That sums up our holiday activities, and then it’s plunging back to school in earnest.  But that can wait for just a bit longer… we’ve too many things to do to have time for serious study just now!  😉