Possums are cute.   Here’s some being cute now…

We saw these while spotlighting over the weekend.

Until recently, I have had a possum living in my ceiling.  Mr BB (font of wisdom that he is) wanted to get it removed.  “Oh! No… ” I said, “Possums are so cute, and it’s not so bad, the way he wakes us up three or four times a night.  I can bear that, to have a possum living with us.”  Mr BB kept making threatening sounds about getting it removed.  I kept pleading for our possum, in the hopes that one day we would be friends.

Dear readers, it’s happened before that I’ve been wrong about wildlife, and Mr BB has been right.  Just once, though  😛  😉  But now it seems it’s happened again. (I hope this is not a pattern developing.)  May I just show you again how adorable possums are?  Check these out…

Here’s one having a little something to eat:

A mother and her baby try to pretend they aren’t there, while I photograph them:

Now imagine if one of these dear little critters wanted to live at your house? Could you truly object?  As it happens, I now understand (Oh! understanding can be unpleasant!) why Mr BB wanted to move our little friend on.

He died.

In our roof.

And he smells.

Last night, as Mr BB was preparing to brave the manhole, wearing his rubber gloves and old clothes, was I sympathetic of his nasty chore?  No. Mildly sorry to have not listened to him first? No.  (I am a bad wife!)  What I actually did, was start to laugh.  You know how sometimes (often at the most inappropriate times) you can have a fit of the giggles?  Like when you are getting into bad, serious trouble, and you know you’ll make it worse if you laugh, but…. somehow you can’t resist?  (please tell me I’m not the only one?!)

Well, I laughed, and then I laughed some more, and I told Mr BB that it was a rare day that I was so glad to be the lady of the house, and that  I was glad that he, being the man of the family and so endowed with all the privilege that goes along with the job, was now the one facing the nasty business in the roof. I told him I believe in the Sovereignty of God, and not coincidence, that it was Justice, and that it was his destiny to deal with possum bodies.  Truly, I really did laugh at my poor husband who was facing his third dead possum dilemma in a week, after removing two from a drain at another property.  (Heartless of me!)

Who had the last laugh?  Sigh.  It seems the possum has crawled in between the walls, or some other inaccessible place, and I will just have to live with it.  Yes, the “aroma” of decomposing possum in my kitchen, it seems, is my destiny.  And God is Sovereign, and there is no such thing as coincidence.  Friends, it’s so not funny.

I’m sure there’s a moral here somewhere…