Hello Bloggy friends!

Breakfast in the Bluestocking household  is not what it was.  I’ve made kefir 😀  And the Chicklette  has made  Hootenanny pancakes.

One very dear, obliging, and live-dangerously type bloggy friend sent me the starter culture through the mail.  I researched, I rinsed, I cultured.  A beautiful batch of sludgy, milky, good for you stuff came to life.

It was a true test of Mr BB’s commitment to me.  His reaction, when presented with a glass overflowing with gut healing goodness, made with the health and well-being of my family in mind,  was.. (to say the least) not.quite.enthusiastic.  In truth, his response was (and I quote), “I do love you, but I have never felt the least inclination to be a cup-bearer.  You go first.”

Why he was reluctant to try something that had grown out of lumpy ingredients forwarded through the mail in a specimen jar, floating in raw milk, is beyond me.  I’m not calling Mr BB chicken livered, yellow, or cowardly (exactly), but it does call into question his knight-errantry.  I tried explaining to him that I was creating an opportunity for chivalry, but.. he was immoveable.

So, I went first.  And I lived. 🙂

Since then, we have been merrily culturing milk and turning it into smoothies with fruit, and the occasional raw egg.  Boldness and daring have reached new heights at the Bluestocking breakfast table.  If you’re interested in horrifying your spouse with a weird and alternative breakfast, you might want to visit Dom the Kefir man’s site. He is the recognised Kefir guru of the internet (maybe the world?).

I’d love to hear  your thoughts and ideas if you are an old hand at trekking the Kefir path 🙂

On to other, cutsie happenings…  it’s gosling season!

Aren’t they desperately adorable?!?

The farmer hatched them in the incubator, as there are foxes wreaking havoc on the farm.  We were able to watch several hatch.

They are a little bedraggled looking when they are first out.

But I forgive them being born ungainly, as they soon are irresistibly thick and fluffy and soft.

That’s what we’ve been up to.  Hope you’re all enjoying school holidays! 🙂