Hello dear Bloggy friends!

You’ll never guess what the Bluestocking household has been off doing, while the fate of the nation (politically speaking), hangs in the balance .  Of course, after my last post, I wouldn’t DARE ask you to guess, I’m just going to tell you straight up. 😀


We’ve been to Oakey.  It’s a freezing cold place on the Darling Downs, handy to the Jondaryan Woolshed.  Each year in (windy, freezing) August, the Woolshed hosts the Australian Heritage Festival.  Friends, it’s worth a visit!


There are sheepdog trials, machinery displays, cheese making, sheep shearing, heavy horse displays, blacksmithing, and all sorts of interesting things.  This is not a festival you can explore in just one day: at least, not if your family is passionate about history.  We spent several days there, and could have taken longer to truly explore, while still having adequate time for the younger members of our family to sit in the baby animal enclosure and cuddle lots of small, furry critters.


One of the most delightful aspects for us as a family, amidst a great many delightful experiences, was as a result of people watching 😀  We were in the baby animal enclosure, and observed a family playing nearby our own little ones.  Mr BB whispered to me, “Bet you, they are homeschoolers.”    Funny thing was, they were doing the same…. and came and asked us if we homeschool. 😛

After a good hour of conversation, we found that although they live hours from our city, and although we had never met them before, we are well acquainted with their extended family, and they have friends who work with Mr BB.  It was such a surprise!  Being lovely country folk, they invited us home for dinner.  Friends, I stood in awe.  The lady calmly whipped up dinner for 15.  Yes, between the two families, it made 15 for dinner.  Roast turkey and veggies, with home preserved peaches and custard for dessert. Being as I am the variety of hostess who has brain spasms if required to entertain with less than two weeks notice in writing, I think I could learn a thing or two about hospitality from that dear woman.

All of our children blended famously, and the entertainments included meeting the joey that lives in the house yard, the new Meremma pups, and viewing a glorious collection of eggs, and a the insect collection of an aspiring entomologist. Without a doubt, it was the high point in an already promising holiday. 🙂

My one blot in the week was going into a media black hole, with no internet, and no phone reception.  How could I know, when booking the time away, that I would be wandering off into the wilderness while history was being made with the closest election run in my lifetime?  Considering I had been glued to the ABC website for days, it positively hurt me to know it was going to be decided while I was away.  Of course, it wasn’t, and nothing had really changed when I arrived home (!) and I am grateful for all the time I didn’t waste watching for movements and results.

Lastly, with a turn toward the (ahem!) weightier matters of life, I’ve finally decided on a pair of Docs.  I was sorely tempted by the new florals, but the purist in me had to choose a pair of ten up, cherry reds. 😀  If you don’t think they’d frighten your children (or your mother, or your spouse 😛 ) consider them – truly, every woman should own a pair.  There is a reason they tout them as having “bouncing soles”.


And that’s it folks.  Hope your week’s been great!