Hello Bloggy friends πŸ™‚

Hope you’re all well.

It’s a mixed bag today, a little bit of a stroll through the cluttered room that is my mind.

I’ve been reading.

John Buchan’s Castle Gay…..Yawn. Β I was seriously disappointed in that one, despite being a John Buchan fan.

The Rebel, by Hester Burton. Β  A story of a restless English youth with utopian ideas, who finds himself on the wrong side of the French revolution. Β I generally like Hester Burtons novels, and this was no exception, though in the words of the Chicklette, it’s hard work reading a story whose main character has a contrary world view to your own (the main character was an atheist).

Today I finishedΒ  Do Hard Things, by Alex and Brett Harris. (Which, incidentally, you can purchase a hard cover copy of from the Book Depository for less than you will pay for a soft cover with postage from Koorong).

I’m not sure what I think of it yet.

They sound like charming young men, and certainly their blog, Rebolution is worth a wander through. Β  I am undecided Β whether or not the book would hold real worth for my young persons, being that they are not victims of popular culture, and we have (hopefully) instilled in the children our own views on this time of life.

Some of the content, along with free teaching resources, can be viewed/downloaded here.

My only inclination toward caution is that it may perpetuate that Pentecostal mantra, “God has amazing plans for your life”; and possibly the idea that if you are not off doing something amazing, you have somehow missed the boat.

But.. my hesitation; my much less forceful manner of reviewing than usual, is aiming to give the book the benefit of the doubt, despite that pep-talk kind of easy to read motivational flavour.

Why? Β Well, it could be that I am still in outrage mode over an article I read this week, in which case I could be prone to judge everything more harshly than necessary. Β (Not the John Buchan book – it deserves a very derisory glance!)

I will spare you the rant I have already inflicted on the good folk over at Aussie Homeschool, but here’s a taste of what rankled, from an article on the common mistakes of homeschoolers:

As persuaded as I am of the benefits of homeschooling, I have counseled many wives who have been given permission, by their husband, to homeschool their children, not to do it.

This, if I weren’t so prone to expressing my uncalled for views, would have left me speechless. Β But, I’ll resist, I will resist revisiting the subject…

On a much lighter note, have you ever wondered what to do with silverbeet? (That’s chard, for the out of town readers πŸ˜‰ ) Β We were given some lovely, fresh, lady-bird laden silverbeet from our farming friends, and I was feeling adventurous. Β So… we had lasagne without the pasta. Β Yes, it was silverbeet lasagne. Β (If Mrs P is reading, I’m sorry to offend your Italian sensibilities! πŸ˜› )

But, it was good. Β The family unanimously declared they would eat it again happily, and it is a remarkably inoffensive way to eat so many greens. Β If you are brave enough to try it, make all as usual, though with less liquid, and substitute the layers of pasta with layers of green.

On to fun stuff… I’ve been playing with my camera. πŸ˜€

And this weekend, I will (God willing) be attending a photography workshop with a very talented and generous soul whom I hope to learn much from, along with meeting a great group of local photographers. Β This most serendipitous occasion is the same weekend as the lifeline book fair, which I remind my local readers of with joy.



want to see my new boots?

Don’t they look fun?

And that’s it, folks. Β (Well, I could go on, but I’ll stop before this tossed salad becomes a regular dog’s breakfast πŸ˜‰ )