Hello bloggy friends.

For those who visit my photo site, urban daisy, my apologies for abruptly sending it underground.

I’ve been having some blogging issues.

Some of you may be aware of an incident a little while back where an image from my site was taken without permission, and used in a commercial application to produce a calendar.

Ironically, Mr BB purchases 200 calendars from the same supplier at the beginning of each year as courtesy giftsΒ  for his clients.Β  Imagine his surprise, and indignation, when he found he had paid for one of my pictures!Β  (Thieves out there – be sure your sins will find you out! 😯 )

This weekend I was made aware of another company who have “lifted” one of my photographs and used it to advertise ceiling insulation (the baddies!).Β  These two incidences have led me to be concerned about the number of images I have of my children on this site, and more particularly, on urban daisy, and how they may be used.Β  For beyond bluestockings, I have simply edited the posts, making those containing images of my children to be private.

Urban daisy was not so easy!Β  There is a great many more posts, and for now I have chosen to bury it in one swoop, until I rethink my goals and boundaries for the site.

For those dear souls who have been so very encouraging on my journey with my camera, you have my sincerest thanks!Β  I will of course still be visiting my favourite photoblogs, so will see you over at your place πŸ™‚