What does it take for good men to be maligned?  For useful services to terminated? For a reputation to be destroyed?


Elwyn Denman is a man well known for his business acumen, but equally esteemed for his incredible generosity in giving his time to the community.

Through my association with Elwyn, I have known him to give tirelessly, unstintingly of his time in organizing the DrugArm bookfair each year.  At all hours of the night for many months of the year, he can be found hauling heavy boxes of books around dusty sheds, sorting, stacking…working hard!  Perhaps locals are aware of this because of the media coverage associated with the book fair.

It’s possible that until now, however, unless you had a problem with addiction, or a family member who has, you may not know the true extent of Elwyn’s community spirit.  The houses which the above politician so scathingly refers to are used for people who don’t pay their rent regularly.  They don’t play nice, and their families can no longer cope with them.  Elwyn, a man in his senior years, takes on these people and gives them a chance.

I can assure you, this is no walk in the park, and not something that many people would be prepared to endure.

People, this man GIVES.  It is infuriating; it is shameful; it is just plain wrong, for a small time, two cent politician to take out whatever personal, petty grudge he bears on a man who is truly serving his community.  Since when do we require permission from the government to help people?  Might I add here, that there is no comparable service that the government offers?  That after years of enduring the torments that come with a family member with an addiction, Mr Denman was the only person to actively and usefully help?

Do I care if he didn’t have government approval to serve his community?  Hello?   My family, and so many families in our city who have struggled with addiction, owe this man a debt of gratitude too great to express.

This wretched politician (damn his eyes!) needs to be apologizing to Mr Denman, to his tenants, and to the community he is employed to serve.  Does he really think the families of all those men are going to be pleased that his officious, interfering, grandstanding will mean the end of the only help available to them?  And to what end?  So that he can have a few moments in the sun.

Friends, there are not enough rotten tomatoes in the world to deal with this grand-in-his-own-eyes politician.