Have I mentioned before that I love homeschooling? 😀

We had the perfect opportunity to make practical use of our art lessons as we prepared for the weekend’s party.

What’s analogous with red?

What is the complimentary of purple?

What do you think I should use as a background colour?

Our conversation was dominated by our art for huge chunks of the day.

Here are some of the offerings we produced to help our friends celebrate..

Miss Eight worked until she was very tired of colouring!

We photocopied the work, then used double sided tape to attach to larger sheets of brightly contrasting, coloured paper;  though these photos are straight from the sketchbooks, before they became cards. 🙂

They took a long time to create , as planning the colours was a challenge.

The day before the party, we were asked to produce a kombi van sign, welcoming guests to the party.  I anticipated it would take two to three hours, but it took us eight hours, often with two of us working at a time.

Part of that was my inexperience, as I sketched the pic on the cardboard our friend wanted the sign made on while at her house, and then took it back to my Mama’s house to paint it.

Of course, when I primed the cardboard (so the paint wouldn’t absorb) I then had to sketch it again from scratch, and paint is not a medium we have explored much, so there was plenty of trial and error.

We had heaps of fun producing the cards and sign.  A little more time would have been great, as we had more ideas to improve the picture than we did time to implement them.  The necklace the driver is wearing is beads threaded on twine, and taped behind the cut out.  We would have liked to make the surfboards with a similar 3D effect, but time was a pressing issue.

Over the course of the last week or two, we have explored a lot of imagery associated with the hippie culture, taken a hard look at fashions, and read up on some of the forces driving the movement.

I love that we have time to stop and follow the bunny trails life brings our way 😀

In response to the comments in my last post, in the next couple of days (God willing that I am organised enough!)  I will put up some party pics in a password protected post.  Those who participated in the comments in the last post will receive the password by email, but regular readers, feel free to request it if interested. 🙂  (Of course, lurkers, axe murders, etc, need not apply 😛 )