In line with the 2010 National Science Theme Biodiversity in Australia, the Creation Science Association is holding its annual competition.

There are six categories:

  1. Song Writing
  2. Story and Poetry Writing
  3. Poster
  4. Science Project
  5. Mathematics
  6. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Each category is judged by a teacher of that discipline, and according to age.  There are separate age sections for the pre-year 1, and each year up to year 12.

For full details, visit the Creation Competition website, or download the pdf:  2010 Creation Competition details and entry forms.

The entry forms contain suggested activities for integrated teaching, as well as information on how to marry the activities to the essential learning requirements if you are a registered home educating family.

We’ve had lots of fun participating in these competitions, and are pleased to promote an opportunity to explore Creation from a Christian perspective.

Biodiversity… God’s incredible creativity shown in the wonder of His works!


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