January 26th, is Australia Day.

What does that mean for Australians?

A holiday!  😀

As far as public holidays go, it’s origins are hardly auspicious. January 26th was the day  the best of Britain, ah, the first fleet of convicts landed in the colony.

Um.. Yay?!

For those of us who are immune to political correctness, (and therefore don’t fuss over the “reconciliation” propaganda, the joy of multiculturalism, blah, blah, blah…) it’s pretty much a day to either head out of town to a lake, hit the beach, or gather some friends at home to share a BBQ.

If you are a conscientious homeschool mama, you might want to check out the Australia Day toolkit, supplied by our illustrious government to help teach the wee folk our country’s origins. You’ll find cheesy cartoons to colour, word searches, cross word puzzles and quizzes.

Here’s a little something to help you feel patriotic on the day;

Apologies for the less than inspiring clip, but all the best quality sound/image versions had the obligatory bikini (or less) clad girls. This is Australia, eh?

Now, if that’s altogether too much culture for one day, here’s an Australian whose star is rising, with a different flavour. This clip will appeal to perhaps… the more… No.  I’m not even going to try to describe it.  It’s the current favourite of a certain Mr Bluesocks of my close acquaintance.  Enjoy.

Have a great Australia Day, folks. 😀