Yesterday was a momentous day for the Bluestockings.  Quite by accident, we stumbled upon something lovely.

We had been visiting the farmer, who is unwell,  and as we were leaving there was a lone cow in the yard where the cows wait to be milked.  On the ground beside her was this little bovine dainty!

Judging by the surrounding ground and the look of the cow, I wasn’t so sorry to miss it actually being born (I only just survived seeing kittens born – waaaay too much gore for this  city girl!)

But even with a tiny bit too much reality for me, I had to stand and marvel, just marvel, at the wonder of creation; that animals reproduce after their kind; that this perfectly designed, so useful to man, so beautiful in it’s own right, little calf had just arrived in the world.

God is a creator of remarkable designs, and uniquely, of life!

(Just as an aside, did you know cows ears are NOT soft? I thought they would be flexible, like a dog’s.  Not so!)