Willy Wagtail nest

I am blessedly, deliciously, experientially … rich!

Our day started with a visit to the farm to see a Willy Wagtail’s nest, and we were treated to a beautiful song while watching them.  (Have I ever mentioned I’m a birder?  I could waste hours and hours watching birds..)

The farmer then caught one of the lambs we saw as newborns back when the wool was still crunchy, and let us explore the texture.  Have you ever felt the wool around a sheep’s face?  It is a tactile experience you won’t forget in a hurry!

Sheepy sheepy delight!

Back at my parents house for art, we were part way through the lesson when the farmer called to say there was a barn owl in the hay shed, did we want to see it?

We did! 😀

Barn Owl

It was injured, and is now in the hands of wildlife carers.  More owl photos posted here.

Could a day hold any more delightful surprises?  Actually, yes!

I am now the proud babysitter of 5, yes, five, adorable, baby turkeys. 😀

Bloss and a baby turkey

We have been entrusted with the little bundles of peeping dearness until such time as they are no longer cute and fluffy: an eventuality that will see them firmly back on the farm where big, gangly turkeys belong.

Of course, there are still these beginning to be playful, beginning to explore, kittens at Grandma’s house for the girls to adore…

Bengal Burmese cross kittens

My day has been one glorious, serendipitous, adventure in life!