The Warings

I’ve promoted this conference, raved about her resources, and was prepared to spend four hours in travel to hear her speak in person. It’s because I  used to be a Diana Waring fan.  But after yesterday, I would have to consider myself to be….

a HUGE Diana Waring Fan! 😀

Seriously, if you can get to her Living, Laughing, Learning seminar – get there! (That’s you;  people in Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra!)

What was so good about it?  It’s hard to say.  My best guess would be that there were no boring bits. True!  Imagine having a one sided conversation with someone all day, and every single thing they said held your interest.  That’s Diana!

The “how to” aspects of homeschooling were not new to me, but it’s always motivating to be reminded of why you’re doing something, and especially when the person speaking is enthusiastic, and you know they’ve walked that road already (as opposed to high minded souls speaking out of their hats).

The session I enjoyed most was called “Box Free Living.” Diana shared openly about her faith,  her children,  and some of her mistakes and challenges. One thing that convicted me (oh! ouch!) was when she related a story about meeting President Bill Clinton.  (I won’t tell it and wreck it for those yet to attend!)  But I thought about how often I have maligned Ruddy Kevin and Stinky Anna, and it gave me pause for thought.

Have I prayed earnestly for them?  Or do I, like Jonah, wish them to hell in a handbasket, and God speed on their journey?  Sigh.  It really brings new meaning to “love your enemies and pray for those who despitefully use you”. The thought that my dear friend, Susan, has mentioned the need to pray for our leaders before, did cross my mind after hearing this, but, I was busy being BB the Ironhearted, and didn’t actually hear her at the time.  :/

One of the most delightful surprises was meeting up with my dear Amy friend, who had thought she wouldn’t make it.  Why was this extra delicious?  Because I had (oh, so selfishly) been remarking lately to God about how much I would love to have an Amy day to myself (instead of sharing our time with our multitude of children, all of whom are lovely, but….  I did say I was selfish!) And there she was!  We both had taken just our big girls, who were quite delighted to keep their own company and let us chat over lunch. 🙂

One of the lighter moments of the conference came with this screen shot:

homeschool girls slide

(Sorry about the picture quality: it was a tiny pocket point and shoot. )

I haven’t quite worked out why, but Amy and I were the only ones who spontaneously laughed out loud when this came up?  Folks, it really was funny. (It was!)

mac users unite!

When I saw this pic (it was the Chicklette taking the photos) I asked why she would be taking it without Diana in it?  Her response?  I wanted to show Daddy that Diana Waring is a Mac user.  (Umm.  Of course.)  I know you were wondering if she was a Mac girl or a PC user.  Now you know. 😉

I was also able to meet in person, Michelle from Down Under Literature, who was present with her beautiful Australian resources.  (Say hello if you go to the conference – she’s sweet!)

It’s impossible to say what was the best part of the day.  Hearing in person, my “history hero” Diana; meeting up with dear friends and putting a face to some virtual ones; having a day out without baby (ooops! did I actually write that?  BAD homeschool mama, lol!! 😉 😛 ) or …could it be just being in a place with people who, by their attendence alone, render me for just one day; normal, sane, regular, not standing out, just average, ordinary…  instead of “that weird, homeschooling, Christian lady with all those children”?

Whatever it was, it was lovely!

Many thanks to the Warings, and the dedicated people who worked so hard to bring them to Australia!