Opening of the Sydney Opera House by Pro Hart

It’s time for a bit of Australia. 😀

Interesting snippets:

  • His real name was…. Kevin.  He was dubbed “Professor” by his friends, as he was always inventing things. This is how he came to be “Pro” Hart.
  • Even though three of his works were purchased by HRH Prince Philip, one of his paintings hangs in the White House,  and his works are held by galleries the world over, the Australian art elite were inclined to lift their collective noses at his style.

Pro Hart

  • He was a distance ed. student ( Coooool! 😀 😀 ) and grew up on a sheep station near Broken Hill.
  • After completing his formal education, he went to work in the mines.
  • He painted, sculpted with metal, used cannonballs of paint to fire at canvasses, and drop balloons full of paint in his artistic explorations.

Pro Hart rolls royce

  • He collected Rolls Royce cars (and…umm…. painted them.)
  • He was a conspiracy theorist, and once suggest that the ALP and the Greens be thrown aboard a canoe in the middle of the Tasman Sea, with nothing more than a broken oar and a rusted compass.  That’s not why I chose him – honest! 😀 😛 😉
  • And lastly…..who could forget this advertisement?

I regret that I couldn’t find a single resource aimed at children on Pro Hart, so I have created a simple Pro Hart crossword you can download, with Pro Hart Crossword Answer Key.  I have no idea why, but they will open in a new window, and you can download from there.

If you would like to futher enrich your studies of this Australian art icon, you could always find a Rolls, and let your dear children have a go at painting it in Pro’s outback style.  Or you could visit someone with with light coloured carpet and follow the insect theme.  The possibilities are endless…. 😉