Hello Bloggy friends!

I’m having a “why I love my life, my friends, and homeschooling” moment.Β  I have to share!

Those who know me may be aware I have a slight (Oh, ever so slight πŸ˜‰ ) tendency to be a list making, routine craving, planning freak, with an allergy to spontaneity.

Monday is an important day in my week, and to disrupt Monday plans is…. serious.Β  But Sunday night my mother’s little Burmese cat was having her long awaited (by my children) first litter of kittens.

six little kittens

It was an event too opportune to pass up.  We bundled all the little people into the car and headed out to a science lesson that was almost too graphic for my delicate sensibilities. 😯

tiny and new

Isn’t that cute?

Today, amidst much kitten watching, the girls set to drying apples after one of our farming friends dropped a box of granny smiths over. Blossy and I spent some time wandering at two year old pace over the farm and enjoyed looking at all the animals.

When we arrived home it was to a meeting with a family friend who is a mathematician.Β  He very kindly offered to spend some time with my grade 8 and grade 6 students to check their progress, explain some important to know, useful maths things, and generally encourage them in good working habits.

The girls learned much, and as valuable as the methodology, was hearing about the reasons to learn maths from someone who uses it enthusiastically.Β  What a lovely gift!

That should be enough delightful things for any one 24 hour period to hold.Β  But as an extra bonus I came home to a parcel of interesting homeschooling goodies from my blogging buddy and record keeper extraordinaire, Fee.

Some days my life is so perfect!

bengal burmese cross kittens