I love homeschooling.  I love my family. I love my life!  (lol! not necessarily in that order 😉 )

arranging the eggs

We were packing to leave my mother’s house when the farmer rang.  There were some goslings hatching, did we want to come over the farm and see?  (Of course we did!)

asking questions

The little one above was about two hours old.  Adorable, yes?

hatching gosling

The farmer, at some personal risk, procured an egg for us to watch and to hold.  While he nursed his fast swelling arm (who knew geese bit so hard?) we were able to hold the peeping, moving, coming into the world, baby gosling.  It was pretty special.

As a child I spent many of my holidays on a farm.  I am so grateful to our farming friends for sharing their time with us and providing opportunities for my children to see such wonders.

goose and new baby gosling

Isn’t the miracle of life beautiful?!