There’s every chance the rest of society is aware of how to do this already, but I have only come by the knowledge recently, so I will share it for my late to the party type brethren of the computer world. šŸ™‚

My disclaimer! I have a Mac.Ā  I imagine it will be the same process if you have a PC, but I can’t promise because…well, I don’t have one to try it out on.

The photos here look a little small and fuzzy, but they will open larger in a new window if you click them.

1. Open the page of the video you want to download.Ā  For example, if you want to download Aly Bain playing Bonaparte’s Retreat, open the page and copy the URL.

Picture 4

You can take the URL from the top of the page, or, in the photo above, look to the right hand side of the picture and you will see “URL” and then a box of text, and underneath that, “Embed” and then a box of text.Ā  Copy the URL from the first text box.

2. Go to KeepVid

3. Insert (paste) the URL that you copied from your page into the blue box that says URL.

Picture 4

4. Press “download” to the right of the same blue box containing your copied URL.

Now, see these coloured buttons?

Picture 5Ignore them.

5. After you press “download” the page will reload, and this will come up:

Picture 6

Click the one that says, “>> Download<<(get_video.mp4 – High Quality)”.

Close the window/tab with your video source while the download is active, so they are not both downloading at the same time.

6. This little window below will pop up: choose Save File, and O.K.

Picture 7

(You’re nearly done.)

7. Re-name your video retaining the .mp4 ending.Ā  So in my case it would be Bonaparte’s Retreat.mp4.Ā  Press “Save”.

Picture 8

And that’s it!

If all that hard work fatigued you, feel free to relax for a moment and enjoy…