You can now download the free audio book, ” Elsie Dinsmore“,  Book One in The Original Elsie Classics by Martha Finley, from LibriVox.   As the book is recorded by volunteers, there will be several different readers throughout the story.  The book can be downloaded complete, or by chapters.

Elsie Dinsmore is an endearing eight-year-old girl with several bewildering problems. She has never known her mother, who died when Elsie was a baby, and she longs for a close, loving relationship with her father. He, however, has sent her off to be raised at Roselands, his brother’s Southern plantation, where her teacher, Miss Day, harshly criticizes her and her cousins tease her relentlessly.

As Elsie learns to handle her problems, she begins to learn more about herself. And as her faith in her heavenly father grows, she learns what it means to be a child of God. The result is a story that inspires and challenges, and listeners will delight in how Elsie comes to depend completely upon faith in God for the peace and happiness she seeks.

I pre-read this book for my children some time ago.  At first I was annoyed and frustrated with it, thinking to myself that if that child cries one more time, just once more in the story, I will throw the book out the window. It’s unforgivable to make the main character such a bother!  She did cry again, but I chose to leave the book on the bedside table for a few months to punish her, instead of actually throwing it in the bin.

After reading so many rave reviews about “Elsie Dinsmore”,  and in consequence of having purchased about 20 books in the series before reading the first one, and my children  begging me to finish it, I eventually did (with a few dire warnings about what would happen to children here who carried on in such a lame duck manner as poor Elsie!)

What I will say in favour of the book, though, is it is one of the few stories that has stayed with me some time after reading.  As each generation has ideas and thoughts seemingly unique to that time period, there were several things that made me think, and caused me to continue to ponder for a good while after reading.  So despite it not being a story I could easily enjoy (give me an Escott Lynn or a Charlotte Yonge any day!!), I find much merit in the book.

I hope your young people will enjoy this offering from LibriVox! 🙂

Elsie Dinsmore