pecan under lights.

After procuring permission to leave them at my mother’s house if Mr BB expressed too much consternation on their arrival at home,  and at the farm should the worst happen and they are all roosters, I committed my first ever impulse pet buy.  What a joy!

For less than the cost of taking my petals out for coffee, I picked up these three, win your heart with their fluffy cuteness, baby chicks.  Meet Pecan, Almond and Sago!

three chicks

They have been a great source of enjoyment for us to watch them at their antics, cuddle during any available moment, and fret over when they have to be left home alone.

chicks in school

I did remember to ask the man what to feed them and how long to leave them under lights.  However, when I asked when I would know if they were going to be roosters he returned a most unsatisfactory answer of,  “When they sit up and do this!”  (The “this” being a rendition of  a rooster crowing. Sigh.)

The rooster part is the only thing bringing me grief.  How could I ever have imagined how attached one can become to a little, peeping, ball of fluff?  And who knew that they all have their own individual personalities?  I know I will be the meanest mother in the world if I have to send any (God forbid, all!) of the darlings off to the farm to meet the fate of excess roosters.

Pecan, the sleeping chick

Oh, mothers don’t let your chicks grow up to be roosters….