Bilbies are just beautiful!  They are an endangered, native, nocturnal marsupial, with the cuteness factor of a bunny or higher.

Today my girls asked if we could do school in the park.  Back when I was young and naive, I allowed this.  It meant precious little school work was done, and a whole lot of looking around and chatting happened.  In a moment of weakness, I decided to make today a trial to see if things had improved in the ability to school somewhere beside home.


The conditions didn’t look favourable.  The place we had decided was most conducive to productivity, and least likely to allow Miss Baby to drown herself, was filled with what appeared to be a convention of the elderly.  A man started giving a talk. (About now I was thinking school was a write off for today).

Frank Manthey

As it happened, the man was Frank Manthey, and he was giving a talk about the conservation of bilbies. ( Hello spontaneous science/SOSE lesson!)  Frank’s own story was worth showing up for: when combined with the bilby information and presentation, it was the kind of day that a homeschooling mother dreams about.  It was  perfect!

We  learned a lot about these adorable little creatures, and were able to view one up close.


The icing on the cake that was my perfect day?  At the save the bilby website, you are asked to buy chocolate biblies from Darrell Lea, the only producer of chocolate bilbies who donates back to the save the bilby fund.  Do you need more permission than this?  RUN to your nearest Darrell Lea store and buy those bilbies.  It’s for a good cause. 😀

If you would like to learn more about bilbies, about bilby conservation, or how you can become involved, you can visit the save the bilby website.

save the bilby fund