This was a truly valuable experience.

The object of this lesson was to experiment with coloured pencils to see how a combination of colours can create new colours.

colour mixing experiment

As we are using the text (Barry Stebbing’s Feed My Sheep) as a reference rather than a workbook, it required drawing a lot of little circles first.  Very tiresome business, that.  It was also impractical for my class of little people in the park, so I created a pdf which you can download and print out, experimenting with colour mixing, including suggestions of colour combining to try. {It will open in a new window, and if you click it there, it will download.  I have no idea why it opens in a new window. =) }

For this activity, if it is at all in your power, purchase for your children a large set of colour pencils.  Twelve pencils is a desperate kind of torture to a child who loves to use colour.  Thirty-six is better, but a set of fifty Crayola will set you back about $20 and bring hours of unmitigated joy. 😀

Label the colours as you create them if you choose to complete the activity in your sketch pad, and this will be a valuable reference for future drawing use.  I have seen a new and adventurous attitude to colour among my own children after completing this exercise.  It will empower your little people to be daring with colour!

coloured pencils