poult, baby turkey, chick

Hello everyone!

You’d never guess……I’ve seen (and held) brand new turkey babies!!!  You just can’t imagine how some of the most ungainly looking birds can produce such adorabilly chickies like these.

poult - baby turkey - chicks

I have been waiting and waiting with a degree of anxiety for these babies.  The farmer told us a few weeks ago that they were coming, and apart from my general interest in all things birds, and my particular interest in baby anything, and my especial desire to see baby turkeys (it’s a first for me), my camera is due to go interstate for servicing after it’s rough treatment at the beach recently.  It will be away for perhaps six weeks, and I so didn’t want to miss the turkey babies..and here they are!

poult, baby turkey, chick

Aren’t they darling?  I honestly thought they would be, at the very least, bald or gangly: but they are the softest, sweetest, and not a tiny bit scared of you, little treasures.

little girl holds the chick

We all were allowed to hold one, and they were perfectly content to sit.  They will spend the next three weeks in the farmer’s kitchen under a warm light, as turkey mothers are not the most efficient at raising their babies.

turkey chick poult

After keeping the farmers from their work while we each had a turn of adoring the chicks, we then went to see some lambs that were born last night, and check how much the others had grown.

day old lamb

With the light fast fading, we visited “Miss Piggy”, who has this week had piglets.   She was keeping her babies close by her, inside her shed, but her contemporary (whose name I don’t know – perhaps a more moral “Mrs Piggy”?) was feeding her collection of youngsters.

pig and piglets

It is a very fine thing to have farming friends who are willing to share with you!