This was a fun lesson, though with elements that were too difficult for the younger members of the group.

Continuing with primary colours and colouring with line, lesson two introduces the concept of depth in drawing.  The first task was to draw geometric shapes overlapping,  and colour them with breathable colours.

overlapping shape

After mastering basic shapes, it is fun to try the same activity with letters.

lesson 2b

The second task was to design and colour a contour drawing.


Many of the children felt hesitant to attempt this, but enjoyed the activity when they realised there is no “wrong” result.


The last task for this lesson was to draw a chair and other items in your kitchen.  I’m not sure what the author was thinking, as it seemed a difficult task for children who had (at least not in this program) not been introduced to perspective in drawing.  There was a deal of frustrated effort in the first class, so I omitted this activity from our second class.  When colour theory was the objective, I could see little to be gained from attempting a perspective dominated drawing.


The children enjoyed the contours so much that they have done several in their own time, and the point was roundly taken up about drawing the foremost shape in a picture first when overlapping shapes.  Discounting the third task, this was a fun and useful lesson.