I like to give my children gifts that will provoke imagination, fuel creativity, and inspire a sense of wonder and adventure.  I also resist items that have a short novelty life and that will quickly turn into clutter.

Here are some of the things that have been  appreciated by the little girls of the  Bluestocking household…

Pretty pot, potting mix, packet of seeds or seedlings,  or (joy of joys!) a strawberry plant or two.  Put with a little watering can and child size gardening tools and gloves when they were little, this was a favourite.  Any growing gift still pleases them as they have grown older.

Selection of remnant material, sewing box, little travel sewing kit, and notions.  Along a similar line, embroidery threads and the little pieces that go with it have also been well received by our girls at any age.sewing kitsewing box

All things beautiful in stationary. I haven’t gotten over it yet, myself. There is just nothing like a lot of new, beautiful stationary! Pretty envelopes and papers , plus some  stamps for sending letters, and stickers to attach to the envelope, or perhaps an initial stamp (gift shops sell them) or initial seal and wax.  Oh, the bliss.

pencil casepretty paperArt supplies.  If you have girls yourself, you probably don’t need that reminder. Anything to do craft with is good: ribbons, decals, beads, fine wire, thread, glitter, coloured paper, scissors that cut in patterns, stamps and stamp pad.  With scrapbooking such a popular hobby, beautiful craft supplies are very affordable.

Traditional paints, pencils, sketch pad and pastels are lovely, but if you buy those kind of items, get the best you can afford.  Very cheap pencils and paints won’t deliver rich colours, and just aren’t fun or satisfying to use.

Books! Reference, fiction, colouring, puzzle, all sorts!

Bags.  For toting books, dolls, and other secret girl stuff, you can’t have too many.

girl's bag

Bug catchers.  If you have several dedicated bug receptacles, it saves all of the kitchen items being used for insect storage!


Pocket knife. Did you know Swiss army knives now come in pink? (Though my girls all chose “Oldtimers”)


Boxes.  Large and small for storing treasures. These are as irresistible as the stationary, and come in many beautiful designs.

A pretty apron to wear for cooking and for craft!


Photos and special frames to display pictures of family or friends.

Subscriptions.  We are fans of  Australian Geographic and the girls subscribe to a magazine for homeschooling girls called “Sisters”.

Some enduring girls toys include;

Dolls house and furniture with dolls.  These are fun to create from an old bookcase if you have a handy person in the family.  You can then decorate the house to your own taste, choosing little pictures for the wall,  patterned contact adhesive for wall paper, etc.

doll's house

Horses.  Just the plastic kind!

Puzzles. Some children love them, and some don’t. For those who do, they come in many more varieties than the traditional jigsaw puzzle.

Giving an experience as a gift can be a lovely way of making a memory.  Some possibilities include a trip to the;

Butterfly house


City aquarium

Historical villages

or a custom made outing of interest to your daughter.  A girl who loves wildlife may appreciate you organizing a visit with the local wildlife rescue carers in your area.  They are mostly volunteers and are often willing to share their time to talk about the animals they are caring for.

Have fun hunting out just the right thing for your little girl, and remember that one of the most enduring gifts you can give her is ….you!