A very dear friend, Amy, shared a little secret recently that gave me pause for thought.  It was not long before I left for holidays (a time notorious for allowing a person to think about the deeper issues of life) that this matter was bought to my attention.  It was the answer to one of life’s great questions: but  I’ll let you wander over to Amy’s blog to discover for yourself just what that secret was – but folks…it was disturbing!

my little corner, o.f.waltonAnother Amy, Mrs O.F.Walton, back in 1872 wrote “My Little Corner”, which  I was pre-reading  for my daughter while I was away.    I have read many of her writings, and all previously have been about children, for children.  Imagine my surprise when the narrator of the story, also the protagonist, was a married woman with children.  The story was a vehicle, if you will, for the writer to share her thoughts on being a wife, mother, and Christian with her readers in a fictional setting.

In the beginning of the story the narrator tells how she fell into poor habits of wasting time gossiping with neighbours, to the neglect of her children, husband and house work.  She is brought to a place of reform after her neglect of her duty results in a very tragic loss.  While the story at that point was a little dramatic, and I am not in the habit of neglecting my children’s physical safety, none the less it caused me to ask myself if I am doing my best for my family?

I am prone to wasting time doing things.  None of the activities are of themselves evil, be it reading, playing on my computer, taking photographs, exercising, selling books, or even the (shocking but true) occasional bouts of domesticity that result in the family living in fear of messing up my clean house.  But at these times I am absent.

I need to find joy in making my activities more serving oriented, and  I need to be more emotionally available.  This is my new “home from holidays” challenge!

While I was away, my friend from India sent me a song to listen to. I don’t have the skill to upload just the song, so I will share the youtube version with you.  The man is actually singing about his father, but the question “is there someone you are loving while taking for granted?” begs asking.  I think I love my whole world in that manner.  It’s not that I have the emotional energy to love everyone as though it may be my last day with them (that’s fatiguing just to think of!) but, I could stand to be more thoughtful, gentle, and to make more of an effort to express my love for those I love!

I’ll leave you with this offering from the 70’s…