I’m not sure what it is about driving around the country shining lights in the eyes of unsuspecting wildlife, but I love doing it.  This past weekend  it had been wet, so we didn’t want to go too far off the beaten track.

I remembered a patch of bush maybe forty minutes drive from our house, which would enable us to stay on sealed roads. It just so happens that there was a prison nearby.

On realizing this, my husband was reluctant to let us spotlight.  The conversation went something like this:

“See, I told you there was a great patch of bush here.”

“You can’t spotlight here: there’s a prison across the road.”


“There’s a prison across the road!”

At this point Mr BB explained to his (apparently) slow witted wife that the prison security would think it was very suspicious that a 4WD was travelling slowly along the road shining spotlights into the bush.  I argued that it is highly unlikely that if I was planning to bust my criminal buddies out of jail, that I would bring along my four little girls and announce my presence to the world by shining spotlights into the bush across the road.  Seriously. (rolls her eyes in derision)

It was not a busy road, I had no intention of aiding or abetting a fugitive of the law, and I really thought it would be a great place to spot for owls, so this argument, ah,  discussion went on for the entire length of the prison property. I would consider myself a normally mild mannered, submissive wife (cough!) but in this instance, I really felt Mr BB was being a little pedantic.

That is, until we were pulled over by security.  Did I mention that I finally wore Mr BB down?  He was protesting even as we began to search the bush just beyond the borders of the prison property, when we were stopped by a man with a torch and a gun.  Yes, a gun.

Who would have thought?

Poor Mr BB.  How I laughed!  I am a terrible wife, but the take home lesson was that sometimes, just sometimes, when I am convinced I am right and that he is being just plain silly, there’s a good chance that…I’m wrong! 😛

Because he is such a generous soul, he talked us out of that rather embarrassing situation, and even consented to take the advice of the security guard concerning a likely place to try spotlighting.  We did see a lovely Nightjar and some roosting Egrets, but it’s the real lesson that I won’t forget in a hurry.