This week there are some great free resources at HomeschoolFreebieofThe Day:

  • Monday, Feb 23rd: FIRSTHAND ACCOUNTS OF THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD (PDF ebook) A HUGE collection of eyewitness stories and amazing personal accounts about the “Underground Railroad” by which many slaves in pre-Civil War years escaped from their owners in the south and made their way to freedom. This is riveting, real-life “living history”!
  • Tuesday, Feb 24th: ROCKETS & FLYING MACHINES! (PDF ebook) Straight from NASA, here are some great flying contraptions you can make at home – and learn the principles of flight while you’re at it!
  • Wednesday, Feb 25th: SLIMY EXPERIMENTS! (PDF ebook) How to make your own slimy, fun “science toys” such as Guck, Goop & Oobleck. Great fun… and great chemistry lessons too!
  • Thursday, Feb 26th: INCREDIBLE BUBBLES! (PDF ebook) Learn how to make the BEST bubble-making solution ever… and then learn how to Make Giant Man-Eating Bubbles, Make Bubble Paintings, Questions & Answers on Bubbles & more
  • Friday, Feb 27th: MOUTH EXPERIMENTS! (PDF ebook) Ewww! Science experiments in your own mouth? Yep! Pick up some biology and chemistry savvy with such fun activities as: Making a Tongue Map; Rock Breath; Stuffy Smellers; Hot and Cold Tastes; Disappearing Gum; Fireworks in Your Mouth… and much more!

You can get all of these on their respective days at www.HomeschoolFreebieOfTheDay.com