Meet Flat Abigail!

Based on reading the book “Flat Stanley”, a student from Canada has posted herself to see the world.  Flat Abigail comes with a letter of introduction, which requests that we take a digital photo with her in it, doing something in our part of the world,  and email the photo to the teacher who is coordinating the project.

I can imagine how much fun it would be tracking the progress of your virtual self over the world, and having a photo record to view.  I am not sure yet where we will take Flat Abigail for the photo, perhaps the nearby nature reserve, as there is a variety of uniquely Australian animals there.  After photographing yourself with Flat Abigail, she is to be posted on to another family, to do a little more travelling.

And that’s not all…


When the doorbell rang and a peek through the window revealed a parcel post van, I was not excited.  I though it was the arrival of some  toothpaste I had ordered. (yeah, I know, toothpaste?  It’s a long story.)

But when my daughter entered the house carrying the parcel, even from upstairs, I could smell …..aniseed!  There is only one person in the world who would be sending me aniseed in the mail.  😀

It was my very generous,  thoughtful friend Andrea.

Some time ago we did a shoebox swap (enormous fun that everyone should try) with a German family.  The idea is to learn the kind of everyday things about another country in a way that makes the information real and memorable.  We swapped things that represented our respective countries.

One of the items Andrea sent which our family fell instantly in love with, was anijsblokjes.  We have absolutely nothing that comes close to being an equivalent here.  They are a little square block of aniseed flavoured powder, sweet, that can be taken in warm milk (it sounds terrible, but it is so good!) or they can be crushed and sprinkled on bread. They are remarkable!

Andrea, remembering how we enjoyed these, has  kindly sent another packet, and also included a box of Muisjes for us to try – adorable little pink and white, mildly aniseed flavoured, miniature sweeties, that you can eat on your bread.

So cute, so delicious, and so suitable for a house full of girls!

thank you sweet friend

Thank you Andrea, for allowing us to host Flat Abigail, and for sending such perfect surprises for us!