With six people living in the house, something has to go.  While on holidays recently, one of my children made the comment that she wished she could live with that amount of clothes all the time: it was much easier to manage.

While we couldn’t get by on just three changes of clothes (it was a farm holiday, and back home there are other places we must be appropriately dressed for!) she did have a point.  We could get by with a lot less.

So as it’s a new year, and it is the time for re-assessing directions and goals, I have joined forces with my mother, and instituted a “Throw out Thursday”.  I couldn’t begin to undertake to declutter every area of my house in one go, and frankly, even one room at a time is overwhelming, but I can find one thing each Thursday that I can dump, re-cycle or store more efficiently. (Maybe even more than one 😉  )  Mama and I will be requiring a report from each other on the progress of the project each Thursday – which means no forgetting, slacking off, or excuses!

I imagine for the first few weeks it will be dead easy.  I am more than happy to toss with abandon, and will be tackling my own things first.  I am prepared to be ruthless.  But the catch will be dealing with the rest of the family, who are all hoarders by nature. I have met strong opposition from all other family members during the past decluttering frenzies, as they are all very sentimental types.

Lest I make myself out to be better than I am, here’s my confession. There is one weakness that I struggle with in regards to hoarding.


Not that I think you can have too many – no such thing.  But, when I want to read a title someone has recommended, I buy the first daggy old paperback I come across in a thrift store.  I don’t want to pay zillions for something that I may discard because of lack of interest, or suitability.  However, once I have established that I do, in fact, like the book, then I start looking for a nice copy.  The plan has always been that I would then pass on, donate, or throw out the old one.

But could you throw out an old friend?  I mean, if you first read “Men of Iron” in a tired old paperback, when you finally found a good, sturdy, hardcover, could you callously throw your old friend in the bin?  And what about sets?  When I already have a copy of “The Master of Ballantrae” in a nice hardcover, but there is a dear little set of black miniatures by the same author (perfect for holidays) that would be incomplete if I toss the double…

What’s a girl to do?  Any thoughtful, sensitive suggestions would be appreciated 🙂

I know that once we have culled some of the excess things, we will need to continue a lifestyle of both reducing our intake of ‘stuff’, and of moving things on when they are past their usefulness.  So in that light if you have any helpful ideas on reducing clutter in general, please share!