none dare call it conspiracy



This unpretentious little paperback, written in the 70’s by Gary Allen, has a lot of calmly presented, easy to understand information about how governments are manipulated by a few “insiders”, and how the masses are manipulated by the media.

Having watched with amazement the bias in media reporting during our last federal election here in Australia, and observed with interest the election of Barak Obama to the presidency of the U.S.A, both resulting in incontrovertibly socialist governments, it was almost a twilight zone experience to read NDCIC.  The author explains the need to implement a socialist agenda in each country before any move toward  a One World Government would be possible.

It discusses the creation of crisis which allow a “solution” to be implemented by the government.  This solution often results in a loss of freedom for the individual.  It was as though he was speaking of our current political situation: I have observed this very thing over and over in the last year.

Our current Prime Minister, during a lot of posturing and blustering about our education system, has taken the initiative to remove jurisdiction from the states in education, and command a federal agenda be allowed.  In “saving” our education system, he is actually removing the freedom of curriculum choice from the individual schools and forcing a shamelessly left curriculum on the masses.

Somehow examples like these are given a positive spin in the media, and people fail to see the writing on the wall.  So programmed have we become, that we not only accept, but demand government intervention in areas of life that the government has no right to go.

The book makes you look at larger global events through the same reasoning: those with an agenda, and a financial interest, manufacture large scale crisis which require a lot of spending, and more government control.

I can only describe reading this book as being eerily similar to reading Spurgeon’s downgrade controversy and thinking – this man was writing about today.  The thirty something years that have passed since None Dare Call it Conspiracy was written have done nothing to diminish the relevance of the message.

Read it online, or download the pdf. or pick up a copy at Amazon.