It works: it’s hard to go past that.  The results for this year’s University of New South Wales International Education Competition are in.  The effort may kill me, but I will resist boring you with the five very good reasons I had for being pleased at the results. 😀

Academically, it is liberating in the extreme to be able to choose goals and directions that are ideally suited for your individual child.  Even the best of teachers in a classroom cannot come close to offering your child all the one on one attention that he needs to grasp a concept, allow enough time to explore his areas of interest, and present the material in as many different ways as it takes for your little one to thoroughly understand it.

Homeschooling also allows me to achieve my goals for my relationship with my children.  It’s a double edged sword.  I am available as a role model to my children almost constantly, which forces me to deal with areas of my own life that are less than ideal.  Likewise, I am overseeing how they relate to each other, how they commit to work, how they behave under pressure, and  have many opportunities to guide and direct toward a higher ideal.

Without the 9am to 3pm daily grind, we have opportunity to pursue interests that take a large time commitment.  Our family love music.  We have several hours tuition weekly, and lots of time to practice!

Holidays!  How delightful it is to take holidays when the rest of the population are at work/school!  We can take off peak accommodation options, which are naturally more friendly to a family budget, and so pay less for a holiday when there is no line up for facilities, no crowding at attractions, and it is infinitely more peaceful.

Have I (ahem!) mentioned socialization? My children learn to co-operate, take turns, be compassionate, resolve disagreements, and how to be a good friend: and that’s just at home.  Within our wider circle of involvement, they interact with people of all ages, and all walks of life.  What they don’t learn, is how to follow the crowd and bow to peer pressure.  Freedom!

Reading!  We have time to read, to share our favourite bits of the book, (“oh, listen to this funny/interesting/exciting part!” and everyone pauses while the passage is shared) and to discuss things we find while reading.  There’s a true sense of companionship (although it’s squishy) when a mama and four girls all bundle together on the lounge or trampoline with their books 🙂  We also love to read aloud as  a family, and this is a luxury I cannot imagine having if all the children pursued their studies outside of the home.

These are just some of the reasons I homeschool, and why I’m loving the journey.