How lucky are we?

Let me count the ways..

Fluoride in the water.  Even though Queensland has no remarkable difference in the dental health  of adults compared to adults in other states who have been drinking fluoride for the last 20 years, we are now being medicated against our will. Since when was my dental health a concern of the government?

Internet censorship.  Who, but who, wants this multi-million dollar government control imposed on us?  O.K, I should have asked who but the ACL and a few others who have not thought further ahead than the next five minutes.  The government always introduces a reduction in civil liberties by packaging it as “for your protection”.

60 Million Litres per day of treated SEWERAGE poured into our water supply?  Hello?  This is an experiment that has not been trialled in any other nation to the extent that our glorious government has, despite widespread public opposition, planned for us. Aren’t we the lucky ones?  Find me an Australian other than Anna Bligh who thinks this is a great idea. Certainly it is one way of amending the fact that we are one of the fastest growing areas in Australia (choke!)

Drinks anyone?

Although Anna Bligh has stated that she will act against the will of the people (Oh God, please let there be an election before I have to consume my neighbour’s last meal!) there is an e-petition available.

(apologies to my regular readers who may have been anticpating something useful or instructive from this post..)