We’ve established that Rick Warren preaches “another gospel”, that Rob Bell is a heretic, and that Joel Olsteen is a charlatan…but what now?

I thank God that he has placed watchmen at the gate to sound the trumpet. I do.  But I wonder if I have left behind a club of apostasy and heresy, only to walk into another kind of club, the kind where the goal is to glory in not being in the apostasy and heresy club?

Why can’t we glory in being in Christ?

Many of the folk I encounter on the internet who stand firm on issues of the full gospel presentation  and the belief that the preaching of the Word is the means by which the salvation message is to be delivered (as apposed to wrapping it up in pop-psychology in the five minute conclusion to your church’s latest entertainment program) would appear to be Calvinist inclined.

As such, what right have we to be smug?  If we truly believe we are saved by grace alone, by the merciful predestination of God, called by Him and saved by Him when we were dead in our sin and our mind was blackened with the darkness of that death, when we were irresistibly drawn by Him because of His immeasurable mercy, how then can we feel superior to those still in darkness or to anyone at all?

I don’t for a moment mean that we shouldn’t judge our brethren who claim to be Christian, but are showing fruit to the contrary; emphatically, I am not saying that.  But what I am asking is, where is our first love?  Where is the delight in our bridegroom? Our overflowing desire to talk about the wonder of His grace and the beauty of His sacrifice?

Those who know me will know that I am not a woo-woo sloppy sentimental type.  I am not talking about the “Jesus is love, let’s all hold hands and sing Kum ba ya” type of mindset.  What I am saying is that after we have declared something to be false, let’s move on from it, rather than flogging a dead horse. Those in deception will not have their eyes opened by you singing the same song over and over, and those who are aware will not be encouraged toward “love and good works so much the more as we see the day approaching”.

Folks, we have a message of hope for those in darkness, and our brethren. He SAVED me!  Saved me from the fearful wrath and judgment of a Holy God!  That is the news worth declaring!  Can you believe that someone, and not just someone, but God incarnate, died for me?

Has it become “cooler” or maybe less socially awkward, to talk about the state of the church than it is to talk about the Gospel?  God forbid.

We can be diligent in all matters we have been charged to oversee, and I commend the many for the efforts they spend it declaring truth.  But in the midst of the truth about the wolves we’re exposing, let us not lose the greatest Truth.

The best defense against a counterfeit gospel is the presentation of the true gospel.