A true story from Scott’s last voyage, written by Meredith Hooper, a writer with the Australian National Antartic Research Expedition, tells the story of Christmas day on board the Terra Nova.

Captain Scott’s diary records, “An event of Christmas was the production of a family by Crean’s rabbit.  She gave birth to seventeen…at present warm and snug…”

Hooper tells the story of Tom’s hunt for a safe place to make a nest for his rabbit. On this level, it is a story suitable for the youngest child.  The illustrations are of a realistic style, and show the variety of animals on board the ship, as well as the extreme weather conditions. The text explores the different areas of a ship, in the quest for a safe nesting place.

The story concludes on a cheerful note for the pre-reader, and historical notes are given at the end of the book, for those old enough to bear the knowledge of the fate of the Captain and his fellow explorers.

This book is worthwhile simply as a story, but would also be a wonderful introduction to a study of greater depth on the history of polar exploration.