The art is such that you will either love it or hate it.  But either way, Phillipa-Alys Browne’s book, “A Gaggle of Geese” is interesting.

I purchased this book because I find collective nouns, and the history of English, fascinating. In “A Gaggle of Geese, The Collective Names of the Animal Kingdom”, the author has chosen twenty-six collective nouns, from the better known “army of ants” to the perhaps lesser known “crash of rhinos”, to illustrate.  After pouring over the eye-catching (or poke-you-in-the-eye) art, there is still a bounty of information to be had at the end of the book as the author explains some of the history of the collective nouns and categorizes each according to the origin of its name; Appearance, Characteristic, Habitat, or onomatopoeic.

This book has been very popular here with all ages, and the art work was a favourite with even my very young baby, who would spend her “tummy time” looking at a different picture each day.