I love the country! Today we travelled about 30 mins out of the city (if you don’t count the time I spent lost) to visit an historic farm.

Turkeys are quite scary in real life.  We don’t have “thanksgiving” as a holiday in Australia, and turkey is not something that is eaten so often here.  Consequently, this is only the second time I have seen one of the eating kind (we do have scrub turkeys, but they are for decoration only!)

We also met geese, chickens, guinea fowl, peacocks, pigs, goats and a host of other farm type creatures.

All of the children were given the opportunity to milk a cow, under the patient instruction of the farmer.  Some were thrilled with the chance to milk a cow for themselves, others were a little less enthused with the prospect.  That was one longsuffering cow!

The farmer hitched his team of giant horses to an old plow, and demonstrated the art for us.

A farm day in an historical setting allows children who live in the city, to learn about where our food comes from in an authentic way.  Though, possibly the greater value with a trip like this is to grant them experiences which allow them to imagine and dream.

“What if we lived on a farm?”

“I’d have chickens, goats and horses…”

“I’d have a milking cow..”

..and so the conversations go, on the drive home.  A precious day!