If my baby screams constantly, night and day, so that I fear for my sanity, may I drown her in the bath?

If you were saving up for a house and thought you could get there quicker without paying for the childcare costs of your three year old daughter, would you pay someone to kill her?

Let’s say your husband was abusive, and you have finally broken free of him.  Your eight year old son looks just like him.  Do you pay someone to kill your son so that you don’t have to be reminded of the man who abused you?

If you have just landed the career opportunity of your life, and your teenage daughter, a drug addict, is draining you mentally and emotionally, so that you don’t think you will be able to keep up the work standard required to maintain your new position in the company, would a quiet word to a professional killer fix it for you?

Am I sounding a little deranged?  Do those questions sound like those of a person who has no value for human life?  Who would prey on helpless children for their own selfish reasons?

What about if your baby is a day old? How about during the birth process?  One month before?  Two months before?  Is it somehow right to pay someone to kill your child simply because they have not been born yet?  How is it different when they have been born?  Really, what is the difference?  How do we determine the value of the life of another human being?

People, please, Australia, don’t let this happen.