Need a new way to help a little person learn?  Word searches are great for making the spelling of new words more familiar.  They require your child to carefully look at the word he is hunting for, and remember the spelling long enough to be able to recognize the letter combinations  amidst a mass of other letters.

My year one student has no trouble remembering the vocabulary words from our Latin lessons, but struggles to spell them when it comes time to write them down.  Word puzzles help her focus on the spelling of the word without it feeling like hard work.

The Wordsearch site allows you to choose the font, size of the puzzle, grid or no grid, and will generate an answer key if you need one.  What a great idea!  Whether it’s learning some new vocabulary words, or listing the place names you will drive through on your next holiday for the children to find on the way, or simply giving your little one a thrill by entering all the names of the people she loves,  this is a fun site!