Or perhaps I should say, getting to the church on time and with a sweet attitude? Do you ever dread Sundays?  The rush, the flap of finding everyone shoes and matching socks? Getting all the little girls hair neat and brushed, and the finding of Sunday school books and remembering to take something for morning tea?

Or am the only one with an expression like the incredible hulk by the time we arrive for service?  I can’t help wondering if my husband asks himself each Sunday how his sweet little wife turned into such a shrew?  But times are changing.  There is a new PLAN.  And although it is a sad fact of life that I am a much, much better planner than I am a doer, it seems to be working thus far.

What is the amazing plan?  I could tell you it is getting up an hour earlier to spend time in prayer and meditation, but that would be a gross falsehood.  It is way less saintly, and a good deal more practical.  (Because honestly, after an extra hour of prayer, there would still be a bunch of children all in their pj’s reading books on the lounge room floor, instead of getting ready).  So, are you ready for my secret weapon to make Sunday peaceful?  Ready …(drum roll)……..?

It’s Saturday.

O.k, I know all you veteran, homeschooling, large family, mamas are rolling your eyes – but I’ve only just worked it out.  And surely I am not the only “Sunday morning afflicted” woman on the planet – so I thought I’d share,  just in case there is another little mama out there wondering what there is to smile about come Sunday morning….

Saturday, I either bake or purchase something to take for morning tea.  Even if there are shops open on the way to church Sunday, we don’t have time to stop at them.  Because my mind is like a sieve, I then leave the container by the door – much more likely to remember something I have to trip over before leaving.

Everyone, without exception, has hair washing on Saturday. This saves congestion in our tiny bathroom, and a good deal of trauma.  Clothes are all selected Saturday, so that in the event (and I know this wouldn’t happen in any other person’s house!) that one of the little people has put away a church outfit that is, shall we say, “less than pristine,” there is time to wash, dry and iron it, or find an alternative.  Shoes and socks are found and organized, because there IS a sock monster (a thriving one if the sock drawers are anything to go by), living in our house, and to find a pair, clean and in acceptable condition, is almost a miracle, no matter how many pairs I purchase.

With these matters attended to, as well as being diligent that there are no left over jobs from the previous day still beckoning, means I can go to bed Saturday night with a peaceful sense of expectation that Sunday morning is not going to be an ordeal.  It’s a very simple change of practice, but the difference if profound!

If you have been a Sunday afflicted Mummy, then I hope you will try this out.  There will of course still be days when the cat throws up on the carpet just as you are leaving, or the baby has a nappy explosion that calls for half the family to be re-dressed, and there really is not much that can be done to salvage those situations.  But for general Sundays, I think you will find that a little attention the day before will help you be the sweet, smiling woman your family knows the other six days of the week.

Any super experienced mothers out there who worked this out long ago, please do add any extra wisdom you have share!