If you’re a neat freak, don’ t use this as an educational tool! What a mess! It may not be so bad if you do not have three children all producing a Honey Bee lapbook on your dining room table. But, did I mention….glue, paper scraps, glue, more paper scraps, and……glue?

It was a lot of fun, and this very morning we were checking the advancement of our lemonade fruit, and saw a bee working one of the blossoms. Miss 10 was excited to point out the pollen baskets on his back legs. I suppose in all that cutting and pasting, some information stuck too.

Here is the work of Miss 6, who had some help from her big sisters.

Front page – it is actually the back of the folder, but let’s not be too picky. Try not to think about the alignment. She’s six. (yes, it took all my superhuman strength to NOT take over the project. When you’re six, you are allowed to glue your pages yourself!)

For tiny graphics, it helps little workers to have someone draw around a coin, to make a nice, neat cutting line for them. It somehow gave Miss six a greater desire for the tiny pictures, as they then looked like stickers! (that, apparently, makes all the difference!)

If I were a more compassionate mother, I would have allowed Miss six to dictate her honey bee report, while I wrote it. It does help her be more succinct, when it has to be laboriously hand written!

Using padded, double-sided tape to make the pocket for the Bee Vocabulary, thus producing a gusset effect, means that little hands can take the cards out more easily.

The card used was the insert packaging from a recent purchase of linen. The Honey Bee minibooks are available from Currclick.

The older girls were able to work independently on this project, using a concordance to find bible verses to add about bees and honey. There are many interesting videos on youtube on bee keeping and the life cycle of bees, which are informative, and the trusty world book encyclopedia supplied some pertinent facts.

Overall, this was a fun project which all the girls enjoyed, and offered a different way to learn about a subject of interest.