We’ve tried them plain, with bacon, and now….we’ve had the brown sugar, ice-cream and maple syrup version. The what….? If you are a true, grit eatin’ southerner, don’t read any further! Unless, of course, you want to read about how one Australian girl messes with your regional icon.

Thanks to Dandelionmom, and our shoebox adventures, we are able to try this paragon of southern cuisine which we have read about in so many books, but were completely clueless about. In stories, everybody eats grits, but they don’t give much away about what they actually are. Well, now we know!

Today we tried them (after preparing last night and refrigerating) pan fried in a little butter. I don’t know if it is that creme brulee is rarely far from my mind, or perhaps just that they looked needy, but I decided to try a brown sugar caramel crust under the grill after frying. (oh hey, it only gets healthier!!)

Once that little sweet barrier of delight had formed, they were served warm, with ice-cream and maple syrup. Not bad. Grits are a very versatile food!